Australia was named the third cleanest country in the world by the Environmental Performance Index, which compares nations on everything from water and sanitation to air quality and energy usage. Cleanliness matters more Down Under than in most places on earth, and how clean your site is will directly impact how people feel about visiting it.

According to a study by Procter & Gamble, customers value cleanliness more than any other factor when selecting an establishment to conduct their business in. How can you assure that customers, patrons and guests will want to frequent your business? Outsourcing your cleaning to a company like ACW - who will go a long way in ensuring that your site won’t just be cleaner, but that your business will thrive as a result as well.


ACW Care

Whether you’re dropping your child off at daycare or visiting a relative in a nursing home, you want peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are spending time in a safe, healthy place. Aesthetics are important, but keeping customers safe is more important in certain facilities, including:

● Nursing homes
● Retirement villages
● Respite centres
● Medical centres
● Private hospitals
● Child care centres

That’s why ACW has developed their own comprehensive, effective infection control practices to ensure the safest, most hygienic environment for you, your staff and visitors. We don’t just clean your site and leave either. With aged care, we also take the time to support your facility during government audits and make sure you have access to clear, detailed reports and documentation.

Our staff members receive training in a number of areas. In addition to being trained in standard cleaning practices, our team also undergoes extensive training in infection control and chemical use to ensure they not only understand how to control the spread of disease, but how to dilute and administer the chemicals safely as well.

Everything about ACW Care has been designed with sensitive sites in mind - from the cordless vacuums to prevent accidental trips and falls to our sophisticated record keeping system that is geared toward aged care.

ACW Care also has an Infection Control Response Team on call and available within 2-4 hours of contact.

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ACW Hospitality

When guests visit a hotel or resort, they expect the highest level of cleanliness. There’s nothing more offputting than checking into your room to find an unsightly carpet or a less than pristine bathroom.

ACW Hospitality offers various housekeeping services to meet your needs. We’ve worked in some of Australia’s top four and five star hotels and resorts, where we provide fully outsourced housekeeping, housekeeping top up services, and hotel specific public area cleaning.

By fully outsourcing their housekeeping services, hotel managers can be sure every part of their facility is looked after, from the hotel rooms to the lobby and the lifts. Our executive housekeeper and housekeeping supervisors will oversee the entire operation so your staff can focus on customer service and other tasks.

Our team of fully trained team cleaning professionals will be at your hotel everyday. Unlike other companies, ACW Hospitality’s staff have extensive hotel based experience. Our managers are all hotel and housekeeping professionals, with years of experience. With us, you’ll receive a service that has been built for luxury hotels.

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ACW Property

Maintaining property is essential if you want to be sure that your investment doesn’t lose value over time. That’s why ACW Property has a dedicated property maintenance division to look after a range of services of your site, including:

● Garden and lawn care
● Handyman services and repairs
● Internal and external painting

Whether we’re looking after a domestic or commercial property, we have a reliable team of tradespeople for everything from plastering and fertilising to carpentry and fencing. Everyone employed by ACW Property has undergone a complete police check, so you can be sure your property is in good hands.

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Chemicals & Consumables

Combining advanced technology, user friendly and safety features, we are the perfect solution for all your chemical requirements. Quality consumables are also available through ACW Products.

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ACW Commercial

Keeping your commercial establishment clean and safe - whether it’s an office building, retail outlet or private school - will not only make it a more enjoyable place to operate, but also a more profitable business by ensuring that those who visit will want to come back.

In the commercial sector, our services include everything from one off cleaning to regular scheduled maintenance. We also offer a number of niche services, including graffiti removal, kitchen degreasing, floor maintenance, polishing and buffing.

Every commercial building is different, and so are the needs. At ACW Commercial, our staff are trained to work in a variety of settings and can handle any cleaning task you might require.

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Why choose A Cleaner World?

While our service vary across every industry, you can be sure that when you hire ACW, you’ll be getting excellent service with the utmost attention to detail and best industry practices.

An Australian family-owned business, ACW has more than 20 years industry experience, backed by a triple certification in health and safety, quality and environmental sustainability. Because of our commitment to transparency, we offer our customers 24/7 on call service, share regular audits reports, and guarantee a 48 hour response time when issues or requests are raised.